Using steroids in a correct way


People hold the view that steroids are easy to use. They believe that simply taking a pill or injection can help them to gain muscle but the truth is building muscles involves a lot of hard work and discipline. For safety purposes, the steroid users must plan their cycles in advance. Proper planning involves learning about the steroids that will be used in the cycle. One should also learn about the supplements to counter the side effects during on-cycle and post-cycle period. A novice user must consider some additional factors before starting a cycle. The beginners should be in a workout routine for about two to three years before taking a steroid.

The muscle gains made by taking steroids are much greater than building up naturally. However, the muscle growth is not magical. One must follow a disciplined workout routine for obtaining the desired muscle build-up. Working out is an absolute necessity as the steroids cause bloating and other side-effects and without workout water retention is possible. During workouts, it is fundamental to plan for steroids, i.e., when to take before a workour. Stressful workouts can stimulate the muscles but they do not grow unless they are put to rest. After an intense workout, take rest for a few days and again start the training program to be in shape.

Using steroids for bulking and cutting

The bulking steroid cycles are basically for adding mass. These cycles are quite common for the first-time users who aim at mass and strength. They are short-term cycles and the mass gains may be due to water retention. The oral steroids, such as Dianabol and Anadrol can kick-start the muscle gains in a bulking cycle due to their ability to improve nitrogen retention in muscles. The steroids used for cutting cycles are recommended for those who want to retain muscle mass. These cycles use the steroids such as Anavar, Winstrol and Trenbolone among many other steroids.

The choice of steroids depends on the body type and the workout goals. For lean people who want to pack muscles, the best option is the bulking products. If you face over-weight related issues and want to trim the muscles efficiently, go for the cutting steroids. In a bulking plan, eat the right diet and do proper exercise for the best results. A balanced training routine is applicable for both the cycles; bulking and cutting. The bulking program should be for 8-16 weeks before switching to a cutting cycle for 8-16 weeks. Go for a short break between these two cycles to allow the body to regenerate.

Use steroids safely

Safe use of steroids is important. Improper use of steroids can cause physical problems that can lead to other side-effects. It is imperative to know the source of a steroid purchase, whether underground labs are producing them or some reputed vendors. The low-cost steroids available in the black market may be counterfeited or of low-quality. The prescribed steroids are the safest as they are sold by pharmacies. Another important factor to consider is to be aware when to take before a workout. Mostly, the users are advised to take the steroids with food for getting better results and to lower the side-effects.

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