The top 3 reasons why the contra angle handpiece is so popular

No dentist should ever try to compromise the quality of their tools in exchange for price because at the end of the day, patients have a certain level of expectation. That is why the contra angle handpiece has been a very popular choice amongst dentists and patients alike and you are about to find out why.

  • High quality manufacturing

While it is true that there are many different brands of contra angle handpiece products that are out there in the market, make no mistake that not all of them will bear the highest quality as some will be made out of different material than others. Ultimately, the only feature that dentists should care about is the quality of the contra angle handpiece that they are planning to purchase. This is because the better the quality of the product, the longer it will continue working and higher quality products are known to accomplish their jobs very well.

Most high quality contra angle handpiece products actually can be sterilized quite easily inside boiling water without it discoloring or having any permanent negative effects.

  • The grip of the product comes in second

After considering the quality of a particular contra angle handpiece, the next important factor to consider is the grip. Dentists sometimes are forced to hold the contra angle handpiece for a very long time, during that period muscle cramps can form which is why it is vital to have a contra angle handpiece with very comfortable grip. Aside from providing comfort, it also helps to lessen any slips that may happen when the dentist’s hands are wet from liquids or sweat.

  • The design of the handpiece plays a vital role as well

The design of the contra angle handpiece is important because it determines how well the dentist will be able to perform his or her role. The angle of the device itself will determine if you can get proper access to a particular spot in the patient’s mouth or not. At times during surgery, it can be hard to get into the deeper recesses of the patient’s mouths and dentists are forced to angle their handpiece devices.

Naturally with a contra angle handpiece that is properly angled, this should nto be a challenge naymore as the natural contort of the device should accommodate the shape of the patient’s mouth quite closely. This makes it easier for the dentist to simply guide the contra angle handpiece to where it is needed.

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