How The Kettler Axos Cross P Can Make Your Fitness Dreams Come True

If you have been shopping around for the right fitness machine to add to your home gym, then you might have already heard of promises of products being innovative, state of the art even, and how they can all fulfill your dreams of chiseling out that six pack from underneath your belly. It is fair for you to feel a bit cynical about all of this but here’s where the Kettler Axos Cross P comes into the picture.

  • It is innovative, state of the art and above all else, affordable!

Normally the word ‘affordable’ doesn’t ever get paired with other words like ‘innovative’, ‘technologically advanced’ and well, you get the picture. In the case of the Kettler Axos Cross P, things are a little different as Kettler has ensured that it gives a smooth performance to the user, accompanied by a heavy-duty 30 lb flywheel.

This is just the icing on the cake however as the real beauty comes from what’s inside the product. Equipped with a highly efficient computer programming system, it comes with many different workout programs that is sure to fit the needs of users with varying athletic levels.

  • Taking the long stride

Stride length of the Kettler Axos Cross P is an enviable 15 inches and the footplates themselves actually travel 18” along their elliptical paths which allows for users who are small sized to big sized to be able to use the machine comfortably and effectively. The stride motion is long and smooth due to the 30 lb flywheel that provides stability even when the user is literally sprinting on the machine.

  • The wealth of workout programs

You probably already know by now that workout programs help immensely when the user is looking to change up their workout programs in order to avoid repetition which leads to boredom. You will be happy to know that the Kettler Axos Cross P actually comes with up to 12 pre-installed workout programs with their own adjustable intensity levels.

The workout programs are not just aimed at weight loss, they are also able to help the user improve their endurance, heart rate control, etc. The key is knowing how to use the programs effectively and frequently changing them up so your workouts don’t ever seem to be boring or old.

  • The beautiful computer console

Even at a glance, it is easy to understand the data that is displayed on the wide console. Data is provided through a graphic dot matrix and gives you all of the necessary information on your workout like heart rate, distance covered, calories burned, etc. Never again will you have to second guess yourself or wonder why your fitness goals are not being achieve when you use the Kettler Axos Cross P.

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