Changes in Belly Button During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is considered to be one of the biggest events in a woman’s life. Pregnancy is the time when a woman’s body develops during which one or more offspring develops inside a woman. Missed periods, tender breasts, vomiting, frequent urination, hunger are the common symptoms of pregnancy. One of the major changes in a woman body that can be seen is their popped out belly button.

What is a bellybutton?

All placental mammals have a slightly hollowed or sometimes a raised portion which is present on the surface of the abdomen is called the belly button or navel. It is actually the attachment site of the umbilical cord and that is why also called the umbilicus.

Changes observed in the belly button:

Belly button or the navel is the innermost portion of the skin which has remained untouched throughout these years. But pregnancy belly buttons pop is a very common symptom and it is not compulsory for each and every one. In some of the women it is seen that the belly button has not popped out. But there is no reason to worry in either of the cases. The reason for this asymmetry is not confirmed but some people think that it depends on the firmness of the stomach.

Reasons behind this popping out:

Most of the pregnant women have their belly buttons popped out at some point of their pregnancy. The popping of belly button actually occurs at the end of second trimester. The actual reason behind this is the extreme expand of uterus which pushes the abdomen forward and due to the abdominal pressure the innermost belly button comes out sometime forms an outer button like structure.

Is it a reason to worry?

Some women are very much worried about this popped out belly button but there is nothing to worry at all if this happens. This is a normal symptom of pregnancy. Also if one’s belly button is not popped out, don’t worry. It is not necessary to happen in everyone’s case. Also, there is no correlation between the belly button and baby’s gender. It is seen that some women have a hole or defect in the abdominal wall long before their pregnancy. The popped out belly button will go back to its normal position after few months of pregnancy.

If the belly button grows more than normal and forms a lump around the navel portion it may cause a disease called Umbilical hernia. It is a very common disease in pregnant woman. It happens if there is any hole present in the abdominal area which let the abdominal tissues protrude though it. The doctors will easily detect if something like this happens and will give required treatment.


It can be said that popped out belly button is normal during pregnancy and if it is seen that an umbilical hernia is getting bigger the wise movement will be having a surgery. But that too only after one is no longer pregnant.

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